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Diathek (slide library)

In the department of Art History’s Diathek (slide library) students can collect images for presentations in both digital and analog form (slides), get information from the tutors, consult reference works and glossaries, and view and make copies of the compulsory literature for particular courses. The Diathek also serves as a meeting room and open forum at our institute, where people can take a break, get together or work.

Ordering images at the Diathek (slide library)

Digital images

Upon request, the student assistants can set up an account for the prometheus image archive. In order to add to the image database, we welcome requests for high-quality reproductions by our institute’s in-house photographer. 

To this end, students may submit publications and masters at the Diathek. An order form (PDF, 16.8 KB) is available.

A new form is filled in for each publication and enclosed with the respective volume. Forms and originals are submitted to the tutors at the Diathek, where they undergo a brief preliminary check. For this reason, please note the opening times of the Diathek.

For orders during semester breaks, please leave the forms and books in Herr Hilbich’s pigeonhole at the secretariat. Please also make sure you inform the tutors by emailing them at kg.artus[at]gmx.de.

Please allow approximately five working days for the order to be processed before the digital images are made available to you for download.
These images may only be used for presentations, and their publication is prohibited!

Analog images

It is possible to borrow slides from the Diathek and have new ones made. Our extensive collections of slides are well sorted and classified as follows: TOP stands for topography, K for artist, KG for applied arts, TH + T for theory and technique, TT for treatises and templates, GR for graphic arts, F for photos and film/theatre, ARCH for archaeology and foreign cultures, S for special topics, all in alphabetical order. A maximum of 20 slides can be borrowed; a deposit of 10 euros is required.

If the desired material is not available, please speak to the student assistants at the Diathek.

Request for image usage rights

If you would like to have photographs prepared by our institute’s photographer for research and teaching at the Institute, you will require image usage rights. A form for requesting image rights can be found here. (PDF, 77.1 KB)

Archive of theses

Every year, a number of final theses are produced at the TU’s Institute of Art Studies. To keep these accessible for further academic work, we maintain records of all completed Master’s and Magister theses as well as dissertations, including the author, title and supervisor. It is possible to view individual works in the Diathek. Please note the following:


- The author must have provided a declaration of consent,
- the works may only be viewed under supervision in our Diathek,
- appointments should be made during the Diathek’s normal opening times.    


We look forward to your requests via email: kg.artus[at]gmx.de


Overview of Master’s theses (PDF, 48.0 KB)

Overview of Magister theses (PDF, 284.3 KB)

Overview of dissertations (PDF, 108.5 KB)


Room: A 155
Opening Times:
Mo - Fr 10 - 14 h

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