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Prof. Dr. Branko Mitrovic


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Branko Mitrović is the Professor of Architectural History and Theory at the Department of Architecture, Unitec Institute of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand. He completed his undergraduate architectural studies in Architecture and Philosophy at the University Belgrade and his doctorates are in Architecture (University of Pennsylvania, 1996) and Philosophy (University of Auckland, New Zealand, 2007). He has been the recepient of research and post-doctoral fellowships from the Harvard University, Canadian Centre for Architecture, Humboldt Foundation, National Gallery of Art in Washington and the Clark Institute. As recipient of the current Humboldt Research Award (Humboldt Forschungspreis 2009/10)  Mitrović was assigned to research and teaching at our Institute at TU Berlin.



  • Andrea Palladio. Villa Cornaro in Piombino Dese. New York: Acanthus 2006. Co-edited with Stephen Wassell.
  • Serene Greed of the Eye. Leon Battista Alberti and the Philosophical Foundations of Renaissance Architectural Theory. Berlin: Deutscher Kunstverlag, 2005.
  • Learning from Palladio. New York: Norton, 2004.
  • Canon of the Five Orders of Architecture. A commentary on and a translation of Giacomo Barozzi da Vingola’s Regola delli cinque ordini. Acanthus Press, New York, 1999.

Publications – refereed and quality assured articles in scholarly journals:

  • “Defending Alexander of Aphrodisias in the Age of the Counter-Reformation. Iacopo Zabarella on the Immortality of the Intellect”, accepted for publication in Archiv für die Geschichte der Philosophie, forthcoming in 2009.
  • “Intentionalism, Intentionality and Reporting Beliefs”, accepted for publication in History and Theory, forthcoming in 2009. (Page-proofs completed.)
  • “Humanist Art History and Its Enemies. Erwin Panofsky on the Individualism-Collectivism debate”, accepted for publication in Konsthistorisk Tidskrift, forthcoming in 2009. (Page-proofs completed.)
  • “Leon Battista Alberti and Euclid” Albertiana, 9 (2008), 165-249. Co-authored with Paola Massalin.
  • “The Tsar’s Last Philosopher on the Method of Architectural History: Orthodox Theology versus Geistesgeschichte.”, Architectural History, 51 (2008), 1-21.“Intellectual History, Inconceivability and Methodological Holism”, History and Theory, 46 (2007), 29-47.
  • “Leon Battista Alberti and the Homogeneity of Space”, Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, December 63 (2004), 424-440.
  • “Designing Villa Cornaro in Piombino Dese”, NexusNetwork Journal, 6-2 (2004), 15-30. Subsequently reprinted in Palladiana, Fall 2006.
  • “Aesthetic Formalism in Renaissance Architectural Theory”, Zeitschrift für Kunstgeschichte, 66 (2003), 321-339.
  • “Vincenzo Scamozzi’s Annotations to Daniele Barbaro’s Commentary on Vitruvius’ De architectura”(coauthored with Vittoria Senes), Annali d’architettura, 14 (2002), 195-214.
  • “Palladio’s Canonical Corinthian Entablature and the Archaeological Surveys in the Fourth Book of I quattro libri dell’architettura”, Architectural History, 45 (2002), 113-127.
  • “A Palladian Palinode: Reassessing Rudolf Wittkower’s Architectural Principles in the Age of Humanism”, Architectura, 31(2001), 113-131.“Apollo’s Own: Geoffrey Scott and the Lost Pleasures of Architectural History” Journal of Architectural Education, 54 (2000), 95-103.
  • “Palladio’s Theory of the Classical Orders and the First Book of I quattro libri dell’architettura” Architectural History, 42 (1999), 110-140.
  • “Paduan Aristotelianism and Daniele Barbaro’s Commentary on Vitruvius’ De architectura”The Sixteenth Century Journal, 29 (1998), 667-688.
  • “Objectively Speaking”, Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, 52 (1993), 59-67.
  • “Palladio's Theory of Proportions and the Second Book of I Quattro Libri dell'Architettura”, Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, 49 (1990), 279 - 292.

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