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Bachelor’s program “Culture & Technology”

Bachelor’s program “Culture & Technology”

In the development of Modernity, conflicts are perceived again and again between differently shaped worldviews and cultural spheres. As one extreme result of this, a barely surmountable divide between the so-called “two cultures” and the sciences associated with them (natural sciences versus the humanities) has been construed. The interdisciplinary Bachelor’s program Culture and Technology questions these supposed opposites. Interrelations between the intellectual, social and material dimensions of the modern world are illuminated, and ties established between the humanities and cultural studies and the natural and technological sciences.

The program Culture and Technology provides subject-specific, methodological and social skills for understanding and shaping social responsibilities against the backdrop of varying cultural and technical, scientific world experiences. It thus contributes to the interdisciplinary nature of science and to social integration.

The study program is divided into four areas of study: interdisciplinary studies (60 credits), professional orientation (30 credits), electives (30 credits), and the core subject (60 credits).

Core subject: Art Studies

The department of Art History offers the core subject “Art Studies” as part of the interdisciplinary Bachelor’s program Culture and Technology. Teaching includes the history of art of the Middle Ages, the early modern and modern periods, in the fields of the visual arts, architecture and applied arts. The study objective is an assured handling of the various subject areas and an awareness of varying methodological approaches.

One special focus of teaching and research at the art historical department of the TU is on the cultural, material and technological prerequisites of artistic production and on the and on the dissemination and institutionalization of art.. This involves on the one hand procedural knowledge, shaping processes and material iconographies, and on the other issues concerning artist training, cultural transfer, the history of museums and history of science in an international context.

The Bachelor’s program Culture and Technology, which includes the core subject “Art Studies”, qualifies students to enroll on the TU’s “Art Studies” Master’s program. More information on the BA Culture & Technology and about the application process can be found here on the Faculty I web pages.  

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